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What's The Rush...Stay Awhile

Things To Do

Photo Discovery Circuit


There's an adventure waiting just for you!  Stay at Alexis and participate in our Photo Discovery Circuit. You are invited to submit three best photos which will be displayed on our facebook exhibit. These photos will be voted on by the general public for a winner in each catagory.

While travelling through Labrador Coastal Drive  take time to take a photo or two. Complete the circuit at  your own time while taking photos that show the wonder and beauty of Labrador.

Submit your photos, name, date, address and where the photo was taken. Ensure you submit the date you stayed with us at Alexis.

Participants will be informed about the exhibit and voting dates.

Alexis Photo Walk

Enjoy a walk through Alexis Hotel and view all local photographs which are available for purchase.

Labrador Bingo

Each Thursday night we play Labrador Bingo at 8:00pm. Drop in and win some fun and exciting prizes. 19 and over. Registration fee  will apply. (may change in off-season)

Participants will be given a passport at Alexis Hotel. They will  take a digital picture at each Geocashe site with the banner found in the Geocashe.  Passport will be stamped  for each  geocashe. Please return banner to the geocashe. Participants who get all  10 stamps will receive Our Alexis Geocashe  t-shirt

Geocashe Passport

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