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Summer Activties You Shouldn't Miss

Port Hope Simpson is an ideal location from which to explore all that Labrador Coastal Drive offers. Located on Route 510, the community is nestled at the base of Blow-me-Down mountain, near Alexis River.


1) Take a break and explore Port Hope Simpson, the Mid-Point of Labrador Coastal Drive. The first  community you see after leaving Goose Bay

( 400kms later)

2) Capture a photo of yourself with our Inukshuk,  ( located on Labrador Coastal Drive)

3) Visit the rock  near Port Hope Simpson which dates back to the 1700's , then leave your spectaculation for others to evaluate

4) Pick local berries  in August and September which grow in abundance along our coastline.

5) Take a stroll through town and read our interruption signage. Storyboards that tell part of our story. (under construction)

6) Enjoy nature walks, hiking, or backcountry cycling.You may be greeted by moose, bears, foxes, wolves, porcipines and or rabbits. 

7)Bring your  kayak or canoe  and  challenge the rivers, the turmoil of the sea or the peaceful serenity of our bays and inlets.

8) Visit Gilberts Bay Marine Protected Area..."Home of the Golden Cod" (

9) Spend the day enjoyig On-Your-Own-Tours from Alexis Hotel (itineraries available)

10) Take a ride aboard the Marine Eagle Coastal Ferry along Iceberg Alley. Keep your camera ready as icebergs, dolphins or whales may display their antics for you  or you may catch a glimpse of the elusive polar bear. Enjoy the small 17-resident community of William's Harbour, the serenity of the bays and the ruggedness of the coastline. Try your skill at  becoming an iceberg finder or adopting a dolphin for a day. 

11)  Come experience the thrill of landing  a trophy catch on one of our rivers. "George Bush Fished Here"

12) Stay awhile and explore the walking trails of our region.

13) Visit the  Hole in The Wall carved in one of the cliffs when ancient oceans were much  higher and deeper waters carved this opening.

14) From our patio dance with the Northern Lights, as they put on a show of wonder and awe.

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