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Hey Anglers... Come Try Our Rivers!

                  "Top Anglers Of Alexis Award"...    Will you capture Bragging Rights this summer?

 It's addictive...

Once your hooked...your hooked for life!​

Escape this summer for the ultimate experience! Come fish the rivers of Labrador Coastal Drive, where we boast "Trophy Catch" that will delght the most avid  angler.  We invite you to thrill at the pull as your rod bends to the salmon dancing at the end of your line, or just sit in comtemplation on a rock and watch salmon make their way upstream.. Our establishment encourages "Catch and Release" as we preserve the delights of today for tomorrow's generation

The Gods do not deduct from man's alloted time span, the hours spent in fishing...Babylonian Proverb

         President George Bush fished here!

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